Hello, I'm Gabriele Reign. I began coaching in 1994. I am very fortunate to proudly serve by guiding many to live the lives they've always imaged for themselves. What inspires me will help you get a feel for who you may be working with...
About  Gabriele
Why I do what I do...

To begin with, I know how self-doubt paralizes and I know how to move through it. I believe and see you as whole and complete...  and know making changes from this point yields concrete results beyond imagination.

I teach tools that combine the power of our words, emotions (energy in motion), feelings and actions ~ these are the tools that most need to be developed (consciously and deliberately) to live a fully present, dynamic life.

I am so uplifted as my clients are uplifted.  There is no greater pleasure I have than in being part of the amazing world you create for yourself.

For me, nothing could be better than that!

As you learn to expand your knowlege of yourself, you begin to consistently experience how you can actually re-create and refine Your Life... Your Way.

Regardless of your issue, whatever you feel is in your way, I'll be with you every step of the way to guide you through so you can believe in yourself in news ways - and thrive...

Whatever life you want to live...

IS possible!

Albert Einstein ["Imagination is more imporant than knowledge"], riding on a beam of light, inspires me to live in my highest vision and help you realize yours. 
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As your inner world (imagination) manifests in your physical reality, you are clearing the path for another to lay down the tracks for their train to come to them.

Another inspiration...

They say they laid the train tracks over the Alps from Vienna to Venice, even before there was a train…they knew some day a train would come.
~Under The Tuscan Sun

Each time you imagine (viscerally) what you want for your life,
you are laying another track for YOUR train (experience) to come.

You are here now, so you are ready to ... (fill in Your blank)
Let me know what you want.. Tell me now

I'm often asked what I "do" when I'm not coaching. Well, here's a snapshot:

In being who I am, listening to my inner guidance, I do what lifts my soul... 
  • I capture what inspires me and write these inspirations, I know they's feed others
  • I occasionally accept commissions for my stained glass creations (working with stained glass is quite a metaphor for life, it's fragile and elegant
  • I love to paint in oils (landscapes are my favorite)
  • Drawing, sculpting and knitting help clear my mind
  • I enjoy editing and expanding my booklets and programs
  • My Love and I travel often ;)

My life is full and dynamic, yet it would be less so without time with my clients.
Life can be very dynamic as it unfolds!
Dynamic Life NOW
~Inspiration to BEcome more       

        ~with Gabriele Reign
"Despite my initial skepticism of the simplicity of your processes Gabriele, I find myself experiencing life more fully than I could have imagined. You have shown me that I can indeed hit my mark(s) at last!"     -Abr.D. Cohen,     CEO, London, England
No one can give to the world what only YOU uniquely have to offer.
As in this picture... we create together, we are co-creators.
Having a strong vision is so important, it leads you to take inspired steps towards making your desires a reality.
~Member Comprehensive Coaching Institute~