Well-Being Inspirations

My intention is for these "Rampages of Well-Being" from the teachings
of Abraham-Hicks to be reminders of how expansive
you truly are - and the only way to explain this is for you to experience it...
Enjoy! ~Gabriele Reign

We want you to find your joy; we want you to find ease where you stand; we want you to feel unlimited where you stand; we want you to know that anything that you desire can be yours; we want you to adore yourselves and love yourselves and know your deserveability; to understand your worthiness; we want you to stand in your now and allow the source that is You to flow through you; we want you to define yourself as someone who is eager and full of life, free and fun and easy; we want life to be good for you; we want you to live the lives you promised yourselves you would live - and if it were not for this cloud of belief that mutes that and hinders [the other things], you would be there right now. 

Decide what vibration in you is dominant - about everything - so that when some smart-alec like Abraham says to you later on, 'so what's dominant in your vibration about your body' you will say: "I feel good, I feel sure-footed, I feel clear-minded, I feel eager, I feel adventure, I love my body - it serves me so well, I feel steady, confident, and beautiful, and adventurous and eager - I feel ready."

  • 'Well, how do you feel about your dollars:' "I feel fantastic, I feel sure, I feel full, I feel unlimited!"
  • And we say 'well, how's your life,' and you'll say: my life is fantastic, never finished - always unfolding.'"
  • 'Well, how are the people around you' "They are adorable; they are a variety of such a mix, they give me so much pleasure as I pick from among them the aspects that I use to serve me in my now to feel good."
  • 'Well, what's your family life now,' "Oh, it is divine; my family is world-wide; my family comes from all races, all nature of people; my family comes to me by Law of Attraction."
  • 'Well, what's your circle of friends like,' "Oh, they are as unlimited as I am; they are eager and full."
  • 'Well, what's life on planet earth like,' "It is fantastic, it has never been better."
  • 'Well, what's the state of your economy,' "It is growing and fabulous; anything that I want is at my fingertips at any time."
  • 'Well, how does your mind work,' "Oh, it is amazing; anything that I want to know I just focus and the information comes."
  • 'Well, how do you feel,' "Well, I'm intuitive and eager; I am free." 
  • 'Well, what is your personality like,' "I am a funny, funny person; life strikes me as so full of fun and fancy."
  • 'Well, how does your imagination work,' "It works endlessly; as I stand in my now I entertain myself never-endedly with ideas and things to think about."
  • 'Well, what's television like,' "What? What? I don't need outside stimulation; my own life experience brings me all that I need, and I'm in such a perfect vibrational connection that every now and again I do get the impulse to turn on the television and what I see enhances the thought that I've been thinking but I don't sit there endlessly hour after hour just hoping that something will go by that will be a value  - I'm inspired to turn it on, I pluck from it the beneficial things just like I pluck from life the beneficial things.".

I hope you enjoyed these Rampages of Well-Being... use them often... you just may be delighted at what unfolds for you!

Any questions? Ask me now.


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