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STICKIES ~ Created by Tom Revell

'Post-It's' for your desktop... These are great, I have soooo many inspirations and ideas  and with STICKIES, I'm able to make note of them immediately and have them available to expand on at any time. If you have lots of ideas swimming around, here's a way to capture those brilliant moments of yours... easily. 
~ I love them ... they're as easy as they are fun to use!

The Stickies web site can be found at:
Cool Stuff, Useful Things ...  I very much like creating, discovering (and sharing) tools that are useful and make my life easier.  I'll be adding to them or changing them out periodically.  To let me know how great they work for you, email me!
This "Picassa" program is a fr*ee photo editor that's amazing! You'll love it... and have fun expanding your vision board (an exercise I teach that helps you visualize the expansion you want to create).
A wonderful resource to build your own site. The tech assistance is excellent, the templates to choose from are very appealing, and you have control over your content! A highly recommended resource!
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