Finding Love from Pain

This is a story I heard a few years ago about how a man found love when he was in the midst of his greatest pain. I relate this story as another way for you to feel how the Law of Attraction can be in action in your life.  You can step through your doors of pain to discover in yourself what Lester found in himself.

In 1952 Lester Levinson was sent home from the hospital after his second coronary, he was 42 years old, and his doctor told him to go home because there was no use in him taking up a bed in the hospital because he had less than a month to live. Not only did he have a few coronaries, he had kidney stones, lesions in his stomach and liver disease. When the doctor told him to go home and get ready to die, it made him insane, and he was raging a at the doctor so much that he actually started coughing and coughing up blood and making himself more and more sick. And that’s when he realized well, there just isn’t any hope.

So he went home, and he had to make arrangements, he had to have somebody buy him loafers because even the act of tying his own shoes, could kill him; it could put too much pressure on his heart; he couldn’t climb any stairs, he was really just at death’s door.

He went home to his NY Penthouse, which he called his tomb, and he just sat. It even took too much energy to get up and walk around. So he just sat there. Now Lester was a very well educated man, he was a physicist, an engineer, a real man of science. He had a lot of degrees and a lot of learning in his life. But at some point he just looked at himself in the mirror a couple of days after he’d been home and he said, “For a smart guy, Lester, you sure can be stupid, stupid, stupid.” He realized that all of his learning and everything he knew was not going to help him out of this.  He even started reading books in his library to see if he could find the answer that would help him and find his way back to health. And he realized that if the answer were in a book, he would have found it by now.

So he gathered up all the pills that he had, he had lots of different medications, including Morphine, and he sat them in front of him and he thought well, he could take himself out right now or he could try some things and see if they work, but he would have the pills as a fall back position. And he knew if he took them he would just drift off into a death that would be easy.

With all his pills by his side, he thought about what was really lacking in his life and he realized he’d never really been happy; he’d never really allowed himself to feel happy.  So he started thinking about the times in his life when he felt happiest. Maybe he didn’t really have a sense of truly being fulfilled or happy, but when he thought about the times he felt happiest, he thought of the women that he dated and about his family and about how nice it was for him when the women that he dated said I love you Lester. But he realized that that didn’t make him happy.

The thing that made him happy was when he was actually feeling love for someone else, when he was actually feeling and experiencing that warm sensation of unconditional love for another being. He started thinking about that and he had the realization that it was when he was giving love, not receiving love, but giving love, those were truly the most precious, joyful times in his life.

So one by one, he started thinking about all the people in his life. And do you know who he started with?  He started with that doctor in the hospital. And he thought, could I ever feel love for this guy, this guy that sent me home to die, this guy I hate, how could I ever possibly feel love for him, he threw me out, hell no, he doesn’t deserve love. But then he realized, it’s not whether the other person deserves love, but if he could turn his feeling of hatred into love; it’s not for the other person it’s for himself.  Because it allowed him to no longer feel that hatred.

So he started with this physician and he thought about him and just kept feeling the anger and then allowing himself to kind of set that anger aside. And then again he’d feel the anger and the hostility and then he’d try and put that aside. And he kept doing that, and layer after layer after layer of all the hostility and all the anger, until – it might have even been days later – finally he felt a sense of no thing negative for this doctor. He felt only a sense of the same kind of love that he would have for any other human being in his world, just a sense of pure love. And he kept doing that again and again, reviewing his life in bits and pieces, every single person in his life. And each time, he was able to let go of all of the extra stuff, all of the limiting feelings, all of the negative feelings, and just get to a point of pure love for each of these people. He felt a little better. And it happened over time; the night that he finally was able to let go of the last of those negative feelings for the doctor, he just kind of crawled into bed, he was completely drained. But he was able to sleep better then he had slept in a long time.

To bring you to the end of this story, in four months of doing this, Lester was able to completely heal his body – complete healing. He went back to the doctors and they couldn’t find anything, they couldn’t figure him out but they couldn’t find anything wrong either.  And he literally lived another 42 years. So at the age of 42 he was told he was going to die, he actually didn’t pass until he was 84 years old. 

Lester had a technique that he developed of focusing on letting go of the negative limiting beliefs, became the basis for what today is called the Sedona Method. Before this, he wasn’t a man of spirituality or metaphysics so he had to do a lot of new reading, new learning, and new understanding.

What you’ll find in the Sedona Method seems to be a combination of many different philosophies, because that’s where Lester found the right language to share this with other people. And the reason he called it the Sedona Method is that the most peaceful place that he’d ever been to in his life was Sedona, Arizona. So when he got to this feeling of peace, he felt like it was as peaceful as he’d ever felt in Sedona so that’s where he got the name The Sedona Method.  And it’s actually headquartered in Sedona now, he moved there later in his life.  He had cured himself of several things in his life, but eventually his body got cancer and he decided to just let the cancer be, and not try to cure it, and find the newness in that process of living out the rest of his life with this cancer. And he was completely unaffected by it; it destroyed his body, yet he didn’t care, he was absolutely unaffected by it. At that point he started training other people to take over the Sedona Method for him. [ ]

What Lester came to was the realization of our natural state is unlimitedness. We are all unlimited beings; limited only by the concept of limitation that we have in our mind. Each of us was born with a natural inherent ability to let go. Children do it all the time. Kids play together, then all of a sudden they’re fighting. Then they’re playing together again. They might hold on for a few minutes, but then they drop it.

What interests to me most in Lester’s story is that he was consistent – he kept doing it. He kept on and on with his own process until he was able to be in the energy of giving love to another, which in turn gave him back the love he had within all along.

In my life, when I became consistent, that’s when all my years of training ‘kicked in.’ Manifestation became the realization of my potential, not just probability. When I consistently reminded myself of my inner gifts, wisdom and contribution (as was illustrated by the tribe) I began to thrive.  Experiences like this inspire me as a Visionary, and a Relationship Coach. I feel this story is a good way to introduce to you the process of Grace-Making®.

Inspired Action: Follow Lester’s example and/or the Grace-Making process®… find love for yourself… then BE love for others.

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