Your Part In The Co-Creative Process

When you drive a car, do you start the motor, put it in gear, then open the door, jump out, run around behind and push?  Of course you don’t!   You stay in your seat with your hands on the steering wheel and guide (steer) the car to wherever you want it to go.  The point here is that when you attempt to do the car’s part, you fail to do your own.

Your part in the Creative Process [of Manifestation] is to provide the intention, the mental pattern, for the Creative Energy that flows through your mind to do its work.  You direct your intention, but then give the Creative Energy complete freedom to do its work, in its own way – which, by the way, is more than you could have ever imagined.

Everything we want to create is form.  And every form, every form, has an energy pattern that makes up that form.  When the energy pattern behind the form is complete, the form manifests into your physical experience.  That’s the process.  You can’t possibly make sure all the energy patterns that are contained within that form are in place, that’s the job of Creative Energy (God, the Universe, whatever you resonate with). Your job is to intend that the Creative Energy pull together all the necessary energy patterns that will make up that form, in its perfection.

Now I know this may seem like a lot at once and simultaneous incredibly simple, but go over and over this until you understand the principle.  This is how you can fulfill your part of the Creative Process of Manifesting, which is a co-creative process for drawing what you want into your life.
  • Exercise: Sit quietly and undisturbed, cease multi-tasking in you mind, relax yourself with your breath, and think of something you want to experience or have and make the intention that this thing (form) become part of your experience.  Now, in a relaxed manner, imagine this form complete in your life.  How do you feel, what do you see, how is your life more expanded now that this form is in your life? Really feel what it feels like to experience it, now, in this moment, completely. Now give it over to the Creative Energy, which is unlimited by the way, and let It do Its part.  Your part is done, that simple.

Should you think of this form after you’ve take the time to do this, only think in terms of experiencing it as already being in your life.  It's important not to keep score because you don't yet see it in the physical. Thinking of the absence of it because it hasn’t shown up yet, is like planting a seed and digging it up every few days because you don’t see the flower blooming. 

By doing this exercise, actually practicing it often, you not only begin strengthening your trust level, but you release/transform any blocks in the way so that all the behind the scenes stuff that has to happen by the Creative Energy is given its chance!  Look forward to how your experiences unfold ~ and enjoy!

Any questions about what you want to create? Ask me now.

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