How interesting it is that a little mark of the pen can change one's perspective. I received an insight over a year ago that powerfully shifted my perspective. I hadn't mentioned it to anyone outside my client circle. I offered it to them because it related to how they are guided to create the lifestyles they desire. I just hadn't thought to pass it on, but now I must. When I recently saw the word impossible, immediately the 'ah-ha' of adding a space and an apostrophe, reminded me of that initial inspiration. The inspiration of it was nothing short of miraculous.  I was delighted (a favorite feeling state of mine I use often). Let me give you an example or two.

During my childhood and into adulthood, I often felt the sting of the word impossible. It seemed every time I wanted to break into what it was that I loved, the majority of those around me said my dream is an impossiblility.  After many years of struggling to break out of the status quo and define life, as I wanted to experience it, still the word impossible had a stranglehold.  It depleted and sucked the energy from my heart's desires.  How could you possibly have a successful business by empowering others, that's not realistic. Only the big guys, the motivational speakers, can do that.  You can't possibly earn a living outside the corporate world, get your head out of the clouds. That dream just isn't realistic. On they went with more 'who do you think you are' statements. What's this about living your bliss; surely Joseph Campbell  (according to many with smaller dreams than mine) was simply stating an idea, not a means to reach dreams as a reality. But it IS exactly the idea of living our dreams that does fuel the spark of our dreams!

The idea of a lifestyle that matches the true freedom of who we are is what spurs us on. The idea of what we desire being a possibility, truly a thing to experience, brings us closer to experiencing our desire in our physical reality.  Making the simple change in perspective, a very little adjustment, we can realize "I'm Possible" can be our dream's truth. This idea of living our dream life is what keeps our hope alive. Do we listen to those around us who are afraid to keep trying or to those who keep giving it another go, despite what does not appear to be moving forward? There's no need to stuff that dream into the deepest, darkest hiding places within our hearts any longer.  As an aside, we wonder why there are such pervading occurrences of heart dis-ease. Our hearts are simply breaking apart, one piece at a time, because we haven't listened to them in such a very long time. They can't contain all the sorrow that we've burried within them, the sorrow of dreams lost. 

Your dreams are not lost. They are calling to you. You have an inner knowing that your almost dead, forgotten dreams are waiting to be revived. By being still, tuning out all the head games you've acquiesced to throughout your life, you can hear those dreams faintly calling to to be revived.  You know what lights you up, fires you up, and inspires you to want to play with others who have reconnected with their heart's desires. There's no way you don't know what you really want, you're just anesthetized by the fear that has clouded your inner vision and added static to our inner voice.

With but a little guidance, you can revive and reconnect with your dreams. My life hasn't been the same since I've listened to mine. When you begin to enjoy how easily accessible inspiration is and learn to act on those inspired thoughts, you will be amazed.

Once we learn something, we really can't unlearn it, but we can dismiss it if we're not careful. You can't un-know what you know. From this moment forward, when you see or hear the word impossible, your may just naturally add a space and an apostrophe, reminding you that your dreams are saying: "I'm possible!" Now feel the YES that follows.

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