Use Distractions Wisely

We all easily succumb to distractions. They show up 'out of the blue' and are often relentless.  Distractions divert us from living our lives to the fullest.  Yet, when we consciously use distractions as tools, they can be very helpful.

We can use distractions as tools to help us not do what we know we need to do. They temporarily relieve stress, but what most of us have a blind spot to is that the distraction has provided us with two depleting energies. One, we gain the ability to beat ourselves up; and two, we gained the ability to add more stress to our day. Doesn't seem like this is something we gain, does it?  Yet we actually long and look for distractions when we're unaware of the suble aspects of ourselves.  We expend much energy searching for distractions, and we get very good at it. Let's look at how we can turn this around.

Let's look at some synonyms for distraction: interruption, disruption, commotion, disturbance, diversion, entertainment, hobby, and pastime. We can look at these as a path that takes us on a downward spiral. A distraction interrupts a current task, or one we need to begin. The interruption can also disrupt a place of feeling stuck, so there seems to be movement because we're at least doing something. The disruption can also leads us into commotion, mainly within our thoughts and feelings, which then leads to being disturbed by having given in to the distraction...  so the downward spiral continues.

The disturbance then moves us to justify our lack of action; we tell ourselves we needed to be entertained because we were stuck. This sense of entertainment can easily direct our thoughts to a hobby we more and more easily want to spend time with. Then the hobby becomes a pastime, where we pass the time to our detriment. Curous path, isn't it?

A distraction just came up as I write this. A moment ago, a jackhammer in front of my home, closest to the window I write near, started screaming its presence. In a fraction of a second my mind went into so many other things I could do rather than stay where I am, listening to this annoying noise; I could step to the other side of my home to paint in my studio,  undisturbed by the jarring noise, do the laundry, leave the house and go shopping; a multitude of possibilities came to mind so easily to distract me from the flow of my writing. Do I succumb? No, I simply choose to use the distraction as a tool to increase my focus. Consciously using this state of choice altered the sound of the jackhammer so it ceased, it transformed from distraction to white noise. It may have been easier to start painting or doing anything else, but chosing to use the distraction as a tool, I went into a deeper focus and continued in the flow my work (which by the way melds the line with play because I enjoy it so much). Using your distractions as tools, consciously, you bring yourself into a deeper and stronger connection of focus. 

The point of this is that we can use anything, anything, that comes our way to step toward what we want.. Use the distractions that come to you as a tool to bring awareness that you are able to adjust your focus, to strengthen the feeling of what you do want, or as a pause to enjoy a moment or two of visualizing actually feeling that you  are enjoying what you want right now. Picture yourself at your best and feel it with all your senses - doing this will strengthen your energy and you will be a stronger magnet, attracting more  of what you want. Feel the goose bumps of living the great life you imagine for yourself. Feel the smile on your face as you let those sensations bathe you with all the wonderful sensations of you living that life this very moment.

When you use distractions wisely, as a tool, you actually become more aware of what habit of thought is trying to draw you away from your dream. When you recognize there is a duality in virtually everything, you can watch what you once thought was a wall in your way become a stepping stone toward what you want to experience. Use your negative thoughts and feelings when they come up as places to start moving from where and what you currently feel as steps toward positively focusing on good feeling thoughts, and you will become inspired to take action you feel good about.

Enjoy noticing distractions as your new tools. Get to know them by using them,. Intend to focus more consciously on allowing yourself to transform them into the stepping stones that lead you across the bridge from where you are to where you want to be. Then email me with your results! I wonder... how soon will you realize each step you take is an exciting adventure into new realms of of your own creation?

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