5 Ways to Focus on Your Dreams

How to focus on your dream when life shows evidence that you're far from it?  Here are five ways to develop the focus that will get you moving.

1. Suspend your disbelief about your dreams being realized.  Put it on a shelf and open yourself to actually experience new ways of creating positive momentum toward realizing your dreams. The most limiting factor is to think that because something is simple, it won't work. When you buy into this, you have either just placed a tremendous bolder in front of you or veered off your path completely.

2. Imagine Consciously. The conscious aspect involved in imagining on purpose is very important. When we're in a place of despondency and feeling the density of the hardships in life, we're imagining very powerfully, to our detrement. When our imagination is activated in
this way, we get more and more of the density we want to be rid of.  Yet universal laws cannot be denied, like gravity, believe it or not, yet it's in always in action. The Law of Attraction (what we place  our attention to, increases) is one such law. When you're imagining everything that can go wrong because what has gone wrong has been in your field of attention, it of course takes you backward and further away from how you really want to live. Consciously decide to use your imagination differently, to your advantage. Imaging what you DO want without paying attention to the ABSENCE of it's existence in your current life. Imagine what it will FEEL like as though it's taking place right now, this moment. This is what being in the moment is. Use your moments wisely by deciding to imagine what it is you want, this moment, and feel it.

3. Daydream.  Yes, daydream.  It's a way to use your imagination,and a simple yet valuable tool to practice. Allow this process to help you build the bridge from where you are to where you want to be. People who are living their dreams have stopped listening to the voices of  the past that have yelled at them for daydreaming. It's a simple  matter of using our daydreams on purpose, using many moments  throughout our day, which become the respite that rejuvenates us; day dreaming renews our energy. When you daydream, make sure you're actually FEELING that life you'd like to be living. Imagination fuels your

4. Direct your attention toward the positive about yourself. This is very different and far beyond positive thinking. Deciding to look for what's positive about you and your life changes your focus toward what is in your life right now that reminds you of the abundance you currently have. Directing your attention toward the positive shifts your thoughts and feelings toward gratitude rather than lack. Finding just one thought that feels better than the last, even a little better, will help you focus on what is positive right now. Then make sure to put as much emphasis on feeling that positive aspect as fully as possible. When your thoughts and feelings are in alignment with what you truly want, you've take the first half of the action to move forward; the second part of forward action will be steps that you take, inspired actions that you enjoy, because you have opened yourself up to inspiration that your positive focus has produced.  It's easy then to move forward with doing that action because you are inspired by it.

5. Engage. This means begin immediately: feel what you want to be living, believe in yourself and practice feeling it more often.  There's no need to wait; actually, this now moment is the best time to begin; it always is. And what if you have to begin again and again?  It doesn't matter how often you have to start over, each time you do, you've stepped into a greater momentum than before.  Enjoy the forward movement toward your dream... one step at a time. 

Become more clearly focused on your dreams...

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How to Focus on Your Dreams
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