Self Empowerment Accessed by your Breath

When you come to realize that empowerment is your natural state of being, you allow yourself to epress your power. To activate, or turn on, your power, it's very important to be aware of the quality of your own energy. Deep breathing calms the mind and refreshes the body. When you truly want to experience something that has seemed elusive until now, do you really need to acquiesce to defeat even before you begin experiencing your dream? Wouldn't it be in your best interest to become more aware of turning your attention to your power so it can be activated?  Of course it would; and using your breath can be the gateway to new experiences. 

Your attention to anything expands what you're paying attention to.  Your breath is a reflection of how you feel. By breathing longer, slower and deeper, you send a message to relax, to clear negativity, and to recharge. When you become aware of your own breath moving the energy within your physical body, you automatically turn on and begin the process of strengthening your belief in yourself, and in your dreams. How can you make it stay on?  Pay attention to the thoughts and feelings you experience as you breath the energy of the highest version of what you want feels like. Continue breathing with these feelings for more than 17 seconds, then continue thinking and feeling more of that. Breathe from the standpoint that you are the Mistress/Master of your universe, your reality, YOUR experience of the life you're living. As the Mistress/Master, YOU decide what you choose to experience, because you can, and only you can.  Your inner state is reflected outwardly by the way you think, move, walk, speak and feel. It doesn't matter what you do, it matters what you allow. As long as you gather your energy with your intention, you transform those thoughts and actions into expressions of power in your outward experiences. This is the grace that flows through you at all times. Simply by being aware of it, breathing it in, it's available to you.

So often we live from the standpoint of what we were told by others is permissible. Begin telling yourself what is permissible for your life. You truly are the only chooser of your experience; either by default, or deliberately. Let your breath empower you to tap into your ability to choose. Cultivate more energy and connect yourself with your breath to your own internal flow. Allow your breathe to rejuvenate and empower you. Inhale and open to positive energy moving through you, exhale and allow whatever energy has been depleting to be released from you. Release doubt and feel positive energy flowing through you easily and gently.

Use your breath consciously. Using your breath deliberately enables you to choose energy to pass into and through the energy systems of your bodies; your physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies. Instead of becoming depleted from stress,  you awaken and nourish yourself by using the energy gained by consciously allow surplus energy to circulate.

Attend to your awareness of the energy in and around you. Intend to store and refine your energy by using your breath throughout your day, then live within that state. It's always up to each of us individually to qualify our own energy.  What's the quality of your energy?  Breathe in your whole and complete power and see what amazing experiences begin to unfold.

So breathe in the qualities that are waiting for you to enjoy... love, appreciation, peace... then breathe them outward and allow them to flow to others.

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