There is nothing more attractive than confidence. If you admire the confidence others exude, here are 5 Steps to "Turn On" your inner confidence so you can exude that confidence naturally in your outer world.

I use the word 'exude' because that's what takes place when inner confidence is strong... it is projected abundantly, it radiates from within and goes outward.  Having the desire for confidence means you have the ability within, it's just currently dormant.

Confidence is one of the aspects of self you already own.  If you're not experiencing it, you just haven't accessed it fully. With this in mind, as you go through the following steps, feel what comes up for you as you allow yourself to access what's already within you.

1. BEGIN WHERE YOU ARE and use what you have. You have thoughts, feelings and the ability to use your mind's eye. It's good news that you want to express the confidence you admire in others. True confidence is knowing how to use your thoughts and feelings to your advantage rather than succumbing to the lower energies that bring up your doubt and negative self talk. When you're not feeling confident, let that be a trigger to change the thought you're thinking to one that gives you a boost.  Practice this, diligently (for even a day), test it, prove it to yourself.

2. REFRAME SELF-SABOTAGE.  When we lack confidence, the feeling is usually an aspect of sadness.  Let's do a little reframing here. When you feel sad, let it be time to use the SADD technique: Suspend All Doubt and Disbelief.  When you suspend your self doubt and disbelief in yourself, you can "act as if" you are confident, this help you to get used to what confidence feels like.  To acat as if is not faking it until you make it; it is literally training yourself. Like physical exercise, your feeling muscles must be exercised to enjoy the benefit. Practicing this SADD technique installs the sensations of confidence in your cellular memory. The more you practice, the quicker you access confidence when needed and soon it will come more swiftly.

3. THINK & FEEL Confidence. Notice how often your thoughts are 'anti-confident'. Simply by virtue of being alive and in any proximity to other human beings, we've learned though many experiences to be critical of ourselves. Our "critical mind" gets in the way and becomes a default mechanism that runs in the background, critiquing and ready to jump on any new, positive thought that pops up by default. The good news is that this can change more easily than you think by using your intention (thought) and sensation (feeling). Intend to be confident in this moment, then notice the sensation of this intention in your body (feeling).

The more you focus your attention on which thoughts you're paying attention to, the easier and more quickly you'll be able to recognize and replace the negative, unsupportive thoughts with positive, confidence building thinking. With your attention, you begin to fine-tune your thoughts in a way that allows only more like thoughts to enter your mind. Each successful thought and feeling builds upon the one before it, it's exponential and expands.

Adding sensations to the mix consciously will speed your ability to access the confidence you want to have. Every time you have a feeling of being 'less than,' are you fueling self-doubt or self-confidence? Feel the difference between can and can't.  "Can't" will stop you in your tracks; "Can" will open you to possibility and empower you.

If you can remember only one experience in your life when you've actually felt any level of confidence at all, activate (focus on) that feeling. If you can't remember such an experience, imagine one and then, "act as if.'  Then keep bringing up more and more feelings intentionally.  The more you feel it, the more you'll feel it, and so will others. You'll soon be the one others are attracted to simply because you've accessed your inner confidence with practice so often that it just exudes from you.

4. SEE Confidence. Using your mind's eye, visualize yourself as confident. Begin collecting confident feelings by practicing seeing yourself as confident. When you use your imagination in this way, your imagination muscle strengthens ~ the more you see a confident image of yourself, the more quickly it matches the accurate view of your true self.  Our minds work in images, so use your confidence images diligently and consistently.

5. 'BE' Confidence.   Confidence is a vibrational expression of what you think, feel, and visualize. Being what you believe is confidence allows you to attract more and more like thoughts, feelings, and experiences to yourself.  Be excited as your newly activated experiences of confidence unfold for you.

After acting on these five steps, with a bit of attention and practice, your confidence will no longer be dormant; through your intention, you will have turned it on.  And sooner than you think, your confidence will be simply another wonderful expression of you that naturally attracts more of the same... with wonderful experiences unfolding.


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