The Alchemy of Creating Your Reality

To create a new reality, change what you are paying attention to.

Our lives are an aggregate of what we've been paying attention to up until now. There are some subconscious underlying factors, but through awareness, we can alter these as well

I'll provide various focus points as a framework to give you ideas, either beyond what you've already thought of, or, a deeper level of understanding of what you think and feel. You've already begun thinking more deeply about where you're placing your attention, the ball just started rolling, there's so much more (powerful experience) ahead.

THE QUESTION I'm most often asked is: "What do you mean I created this?"  Well, if you're fearful about something in your life or of going forward in some area(s), or you're paying attention to the absence of what you want, you are placing valuable energy into the vibration of that very fear with your thoughts and feelings. That fear or lack will increase, by virtue of your attention to it, and more of it is magnetized to you... until you stop feeding it. Think of your thoughts and feelings as magnets and the physical expression of them as steel.

IT ONLY TAKES LITTLE SHIFTS in attention, deligently practiced, to experience what you really want. Move your attention toward what will serve and support you and your dreams. Once you begin manifesting your dreams, you'll want more, it doesn't stop. That's the nature of life, you, expansion

REALITY (the state of being actual or real) is subjective. [Taking place within the mind and modified by individual bias]. It is a reality that there are many people who live in poverty and it is a reality that despite economic factors, many people thrive financially. Which is true?  Both are true, and everything in between, they are all reality.  There are as many realities as there are individuals

BE IN SYC WITH YOUR DESIRES: Creating reality is about attending to preferences that are in alignment with what you desire.  You Most all of us have heard the definition of insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Isn't that what you're doing when you consistently worry and then wonder why you're not living your dream life? You create your reality either by unconscious default or conscious decision that is what as expression of your authentic self. Since your mind cannot hold two thoughts simultaneously, you may as well start choosing the thoughts and feelings that support your wanted reality.

YOUR ATTENTION IS YOUR RUDDER.  The energy of the thoughts you think and the emotions you feel is your indicator as to where your ship is sailing. With just a few reminders to direct your attention, consciously and deliberately, you will know you are in control of your life. Your life is your universe, your world. What you choose to have as part of your world is completely your part, and how it shows up or unfolds into your physical manifestation is the universe's job. It is absolutely a co-creative process.

THE ABC'S TO EXPANSION®, is a program I created over ten years ago that has been helping my clients to use their minds and bodies, by developing a personal lexicon unique to their individual dreams that help them manifest their desires. With this proces they all say they don't get 'lost' anymore.  Or if they do, it's a very short duration, they can get back on track quickly.

HERE'S MY PROCESS: Working with new associations for each letter of the alphabet givs you s a greater framework with which to create more deliberately.  As kids, when we learned the alphabet, A stood for Apple. In fact, all the letters were taught using association with objects, perfect for our age to learn to use associations so we could be on the same page to communicate with others. Thing is, we were never taught how to create our own alphebet, unique and individual. When you create this new alphabet, based on what's going on within you, you begin associating each letter with the state of being that you want to activate. Notice the difference between an object (Apple) and a state of being (Awareness). As the discerning, intelligent and highly creative adult that you are, wouldn't it be to your advantage to redefine those very basic associations you have about your desires (usually associations from otheres we've acquiesed to) to ones that will help you re-create a life more befitting the life you imagine for yourself?  Of coure! Staying sick will not make someone else well and staying poor will not make someone else richer. You can use your creative mind and your ability to feel sensations in your body to your advantage;
play with new associations that will empower you.

HERE'S AN EXAMPLE: I remember when I was in gradeschool, I had a line in a play that I completely forgot, then I started crying.  I cried a lot for reasons I had no idea. For years, when I thought of speaking in front of people (not just groups, but most anyone in authority), I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach, I had to fight back tears and just felt generally miserable and small. Years later, after I studied and became a Master Hypnotist, I began to see the hidden subsconscious programs running behind the scenes. After years of working with other, I realized we all needed our own individual way of handling the upsets and mis-qualified energy that stood in our way.  Hypnosis was great, yet more importantly, my fascination with how the mind workds made me ask better questions of myself. I 'cleared' much of my apprehension with speaking in public to sustain my business, but at the time it was purely a survival issue, I had to keep my business going.  So when I realized we all needed our own inner language to expand, I knew it had to start with what we wer familiar with. Voila! the alphabet.  Using my ABC'S TO EXPANSION® I quickly saw the benefits.  A little practice and any issue could be transformed.  So with my new expansive 'alphbet,' I transformed all the misqualified energy around speaking and found my true voice.  I may get nervous/excited before I speak, but it feel great.  I went from trepedation to exhilaration... a very good thing!

YOU'RE WELCOME TO JOIN my Expansion Mastery Program© at any time... 

IN THE MEANTIME, start consciously directing your attention, diligently, to what you DO want (rather than what you don't want) and start playing with what you think and feel around what you want. I will say you will have good thoughts and feelings about, say thriving financially, and you will also experience painful feelings if you're not in alignment yet - you'll get images (the mind thinks in pictures) - do not be afraid of these feelings, this is the time to transform them.

PLAY IS GREATLY UNDER VALUED. I ask you to play with what you think and feel because it's a safe way to experience.  The biggest business deal are done on the golf course - playing. When we play, we are in a relaxed vibration that enables us to truly learn more easily. Begin thinking in holographic terms: think and feel each individual element (each letter association) in terms of its relationship with the whole (what you want to create). And as you begin working with your own ABC'S TO EXPANSION® and creating your own unique lexicon, let the line between work and play blur and enjoy; with your senses fully activated, the associations you feel can become a match to your desired, greater reality. Keep your mind and heart open... your awareness IS expanding!

To Your Expansion,
Gabriele Reign


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