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5 Steps to Turn On Your Confidence ~Have you ever admired the confidence 'other' people have? Here are Five Steps to Turn On YOUR Confidence.
Creating Reality
The Alchemy of Creating Reality ~Can you really create your own reality?  Yes you can, because you already do. Discover how and create an even greater reality.
Dreams to Reality
Your Impossible Dreams ~ The word impossible can suck the wind out of your sails, or be your greatest inspiration, if you know how to use it.

Your Energy Centers - Chakra Basics: Your Root Your energy centers are comprised of a multitude of energies but we will be focusing on the primary ten. The first energy center, or chakra, is your Root Chakra, or Root energy center.

Accessing Empowerment through Breath~Intend to store and refine your energy by using your breath consciously, then live within that state. It's always up to each of us individually 
5 Ways to Focus on Your Dreams ~ 5 simple ways to develop the focus to get going toward your dreams.
Distractions - Use them Wisely ~ Distractions show up quickly and are often relentless. However,
we learn how to consciously use distractions as tools, things can become very different, very fast
Forgiveness & Grace
Grace-Making ~ I believe the first relationship we must refine is the one we have with our Self. You can move through your clouds of unforgiveness with a little grace.

Doing Your Part In The Co-Creative Process ~We can't do it all, why scatter your energy when you can use your intention powerfully?

How Lester Found Love ~A story about how a man found love when he was in the midst of his greatest pain.

9 Steps To Manifesting the Life You Want ~We all want to live the life we imagine for ourselves.  The difficulty for many is that they aren't aware of how to turn what they imagine into a physical reality.
Well-Being Inspirations - -Want to feel great? I expect you will when you read these inspirations!
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